Urban regeneration with the help of artist entrepreneurship – ArtUrbanRegen

Urban regeneration with the help of artist entrepreneurship – ArtUrbanRegen

Art Urban Regen, supported by European Commission under Erasmus+ Program, for the period October 2018- September 2020, is a new project which aims to provide training in the subjects of urban regeneration, artistic and creative skills, in order to build creative and entrepreneurial minds and to find a solution to the abandonment of sites, giving them a second opportunity.

In Europe, 9,5% of the working EU population was at risk of poverty in 2016. Creating new useful businesses for the community generates new jobs, social inclusion, reduced poverty and an overall improvement of the social-economic situation of the involved communities. Therefore, the development of urban regeneration and artistic skills can be the key to answer another current problem of the community, the abandonment and progressive deterioration of some buildings or degraded neighborhoods or city zones.

This innovative and inspiring project has two main targets:

  • Low-qualified adults
  • Educators in Urban regeneration, Entrepreneurship and Creative industries

Project partners:

  • Power Net Consulting (Romania)
  • FyG Consultores (Spain)
  • Gelsenkirchen Municipality (Germany)
  • NOD Makerspace NGO (Romania)
  • ProIFALL (Sweden)

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