TEA 4 SENIORS – Kick-off meeting in Marseille, France

TEA 4 SENIORS – Kick-off meeting in Marseille, France

The aim of TEA 4 SENIORS is to foster digital literacy and understanding of the digital world among senior citizens and their educators through an innovative methodology based on gamification and analogies.

So, they can improve their capacity to communicate, share, interact, learn and access to up-to-date information in today’s digital world by using ICT devices and internet.

What we want to create:

  • A framework in analogies and gamification for digital education of seniors
  • An engaging learning methodology concerning digital competences for educators and experts
  • A Tea-game e-learning platform with specific content and materials for seniors in digital education
  • A transparent recognition system of digital competencies with the usage of Open Badges
  • A handbook for adult educators as supportive tool for their everyday work full of tools, resources, links and good practices.

Plus, one funded training will take place in Lublin (Poland) for educators working with seniors. Hence, if you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.


The first meeting for TEA 4 SENIORS on digital education for seniors took place in Marseille, France between the 5-6 December 2018. Partners have carefully analysed the tasks ahead. In particular, we have focused on gamification methodologies to be embedded into senior education and how to set the best calendar for activities.

Stay close to see what will come next in our project!

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