IT Outsourcing Services

IT services is the most frequently outsourced service, with a share of 74% of respondent companies, most expecting a strategic increase in outsourcing opportunities in the field. The trend of outsourcing IT services is constantly growing worldwide. From year to year, a 5.5% increase in expenses for outsourcing IT services is expected, globally.

Outsourcing is a business practice through which tasks or functions of the company are delegated to a third party, external to the organization. We can say that it is a subcontracting to external suppliers of some activities within the company.

In the case of the IT operations, outsourcing can include the entire function or well-defined parts of it, such as management and monitoring solutions (infrastructure monitoring, incident management, endpoint manager) or security solutions (email security, anti-fraud detection, patch management).

In today’s technology environment, IT outsourcing includes: infrastructure outsourcing, application outsourcing and outsourcing relationships with software providers, infrastructure and service platforms, such as cloud services.


24/7 IT Support

You’ll have competent personnel to remedy the problems, at your headquarters or online. Guaranteed intervention time through contractually agreed SLA.

Increased performance

You have uninterrupted availability of your IT infrastructure. We proactively monitor and intervene to protect data and avoid incidents

Optimized Costs

Properly sized infrastructure, optimally allocated resources. Outsourcing contract with a fixed monthly fee that eliminates additional costs.

IT Services in monthly subscriptions:

  • Servers Installation and configuration;
  • Server integration in existing architectures and role distribution;
  • Implementation / configuration and administration of file servers with list-based access
  • Implementation / configuration and administration of DNS / DHCP / FTP / VPN service
  • Deployment / configuration and administration of the Firewall service
  • Implementation / configuration and administration of specific application servers
  • Optimising server performance
  • Monitoring and carrying out a periodic maintenance plan
  • Server function management

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    Services on request:

    • Application security assessment services
    • Alignment information systems security assessment services according to the NIS Directive
    • Cloud migration services for applications, cloud backup
    • Information systems security assessment services
    • GDPR audit (output: findings and recommendations)
    • GDPR implementation (output: written procedures + training)
    • DPO insurance

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