Creative Entrepreneur for a Europe in change

Creative Entrepreneur for a Europe in change

CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR FOR A EUROPE IN CHANGE is an Erasmus + Project aimed for inclusive education and training in the field of CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP and ICT skills for adults. There is a need for strong professional education in all levels of education, so CREATIVE aims to provide supplementary training, consulting and coaching for entrepreneurship, business skills and product and service development, implementing and enhancing the basic skills and key competences of the target group.

The CREATIVE project was implemented by a consortium of 4 partners, Agencia para el Empleo de Madrid (Spain), Power Net Consulting (Romania), Consorzio Materahub Industrie Culturali e Creative (Italy) and Amazing Photos (Romania), and their main objectives were to organize:

  • For professionals: IO1 – An innovative tool for individual entrepreneurial counselling, to find out entrepreneurs with creative profile and;
  • For future entrepreneurs: IO2 – Two online training courses (one in creative entrepreneurship and other one in ICT business), to enhance the basic skills and key competences of the target group, for establishing and developing creative entrepreneurial activities, IO3 – Visits to successful companies from creative industry, Guidelines of Best Creative entrepreneurship practices, as a model of inspiration and access to a transnational training course: Creative entrepreneurship- from Theory to Practice, to promote the development of entrepreneurial activities in creative areas.

In the final stage of the project, between 17h and 21st of June, in Madrid, Spain took place the mobility of Creative Entrepreneurs, where for a week each project partner participated with three NEETs to explore the creative industries and the required entrepreneurial and ICT skills in order to promote entrepreneurship in Creative and Cultural Industries.

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