Creative Business project – A new start for NEETs

Creative Business project – A new start for NEETs

Creative Business Project aiming to raise the creative entrepreneurial development opportunities for NEETs, with the purpose to make the transition from the unemployed stage to starting developing their own businesses, in a transnational approach, is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project, which involves the exchange of know-how and cooperation among European companies and organisations: CK EDUKATOR (Poland – Rzeszów), GoEurope (Spain – Valencia), Materahub (Italy – Matera) and Power Net Consulting (Romania – Bucharest).

In order to reach its aim, the project has developed:

  • A creative career roadmap to provide some guidance to NEETs who want to start their business in the creative sector
  • Two training curricula on creative entrepreneurship and ICT tools for business

These guidelines to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of readers by showing some successful practices in the development of start-ups and initiatives in the creative sector in the represented countries (Romania, Spain, Poland and Italy)
In the last phase of the project, Power Net Consulting had attended the 4th Transnational Project Meeting in Valencia, Spain to review the work that has been done.

At the same time, between 24th and 28th of June, in Valencia, Spain took place the mobility of Creative Business, where for a week each project partner participated with three NEETs to explore the creative industries and the required entrepreneurial and ICT skills in order to promote entrepreneurship in Creative and Cultural Industries.

Participants have explored ways to promote their products and services, they have created their own business plans, and they have learned from different visits to successful entrepreneurs, such as Estudio Danza Maria Carbonell dance Studio, where Yolanda, member and teacher of Maria Danza Dance School has shared her experience starting her business in the creative sector and…she taught a bit of Spanish dance.

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