Check out SUI-FOOD`s new E-learning Platform!

Check out SUI-FOOD`s new E-learning Platform!

Erasmus + SUI-FOOD project intends to answer the need of specific vocational education in internationalization competences for start-ups, SMEs, unemployed and vocational students in the agri-food sector. This project seeks to the development of VET offer to support all agri-food stakeholders to compete on international markets, in Europe and beyond. It addresses two main target groups: the start-up and the SMEs, who will be the main beneficiaries of the course developed. Further, this project will also target VET providers and business support stakeholders, as well as public authorities so to promote the SUI-FOOD mainstreaming.

For the second Intellectual output of the project – the Training course, which is designed to address the competences needed to achieve the defined professional profile – POWER NET CONSULTING, developed the E-learning Platform that will have a modular structure for more flexibility when learners will follow the training pathway comprising 6 training modules.

Create an account and access the platform now, for more information or to follow your own training path in the internationalization of start-ups domain!

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