ArtUrban ZOOM video conferencing

ArtUrban ZOOM video conferencing

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ArtUrban ZOOM video conferencing

Our project has finally reached its last stage, with great success and high quality results. And even though the Covid pandemic has posed a lot of challenges for this last period, the partnership has made the effort to overcome them, has increased the communication and collaboration, and we have adapted our ways of working so that we could accomplish all the set tasks and results.

The partnership was planning to meet for the last project meeting in Lund, Sweden, but given the traveling restrictions and safety and health measures imposed by the national governments, we decided to organize an online meeting instead, using ZOOM video conferencing.

We reviewed all the results and deliverables of the project that were developed for the last 2 years, we discussed the state of the e-learning platform and participants online activities, the organization of the last national multiplier events, the requirements for the final reporting with the National Agency and we planned the next steps to ensure the sustainability of the project, even after its completion.

On a different note, we are glad to announce that our e-learning platform is waiting for you to start your learning process, and also for knowing us and the project a bit better and have free access to all of our project results. You will have the opportunity to discover all our learning materials created to inspire and acknowledge the Urban Regeneration’s opportunities for business, available in all languages. Please, remember to create your account and to log in so you can get your personalized learning pathway with interactive activities and dynamic learning.┬áIf you need help PowerNet team can help you just ask for it.

We can’t wait to have you in our training course!

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