Art Urban – our platform is up and running

Art Urban – our platform is up and running

Art Urban Regen, supported by European Commission under Erasmus+ Program is an European project which aims to provide training in the subjects of urban regeneration, artistic and creative skills and entrepreneurial artistic industries, in order to build creative and entrepreneurial minds, and to find a solution to the abandonment of buildings, giving them a second opportunity.

Art Urban Consortium is taking giant steps to increase the knowledge of art urban and entrepreneurship, our main goals. For that reason, the consortium held their 3rd meeting in Kiel (Germany), in the offices of Kultur Life. During the 10th and 11th of December, colleagues from Romania, Sweden, Germany and Spain, discussed about the evolution of the project, reviewed the work done, and prepared the final tasks that will be implemented until the end of the project. Also, enjoyed great Kiel Christmas Market, and ate delicious food!

On a different note, we are glad to announce that our e-learning platform is ready for you to start learning, and also for knowing us and the project a bit better.

You will have the opportunity to discover all our learning materials created to inspire and acknowledge the Urban Regeneration’s opportunities for business, available in all languages. Please, remember to create your account and to log in so you can get your personalized learning pathway with interactive activities and dynamic learning.

We can’t wait to have you in our training course!

If you want to know more to know more access!

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