Art Urban – The Handbook for training facilitators

Art Urban – The Handbook for training facilitators

Erasmus+ Program Art Urban Regen aims to provide training in the subjects of urban regeneration, artistic and creative skills and entrepreneurial artistic industries, in order to build creative and entrepreneurial minds, and to find a solution to the abandonment of buildings, giving them a second opportunity.

The COVID-19, as the virus that affects the global population, is also the reason why galleries and museums around the world have been closed, but the urban art resists and expressions through murals and graffiti are the manifestation of intimate feelings are present in the streets of cities all around the world.

In spite of this situation, the consortium is collaborating and continuously working on the development of the project to achieve the desired objectives.

Partners have finalized the third Intellectual Output – The Handbook for training facilitators in Urban Regeneration with the help of Artist Entrepreneurship, which can be found at, and also the Art_Urban promotional video, available on YouTube.

Further action which will be developed for the Policy Guidelines on Urban Regeneration in each partner country. Until recently, there was a lack of political will or policy initiatives in this domain; that may be linked, at least in part, to the fact that there is no legal basis for urban policy in the treaties of the EU. The Policy Guidelines will be an invitation to promote internal innovation, policy innovation for entrepreneurship in urban regeneration support and social economy and equality in society through education as well as foster community development and enhance social changes and improvements.

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