About us

Actual context and recent global events make us facing a series of rapid changes, an increasingly important role of the digitisation and development of new technologies that intervene in all aspects of life.
The unprecedented development of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT), bring multiple transformations in almost all industries and make robotics an irreplaceable tool. It’s time to adapt to it if you want to count on this new economy.
Thus, the digitalisation of the business together with the implementation of automated processes will allow the elimination of human error in proportion of 90%, as well as a greater efficiency of the working time, which translates into important cost reductions.

Having been active in the IT market for over 20 years, PowerNet has proven to be a reliable partner for the design, outsourcing and integration of digitisation solutions.
PowerNet services guarantee a secure IT environment and an operating structure at the most demanding standards.
Our expertise and certifications in IT security qualify us as a reliable partner for companies that want to take the step to a new stage of its technological development and remain competitive.

Powernet experts have a total of over 100 certifications, as follows:

    • Microsoft: 15 certifications , of which we mention : MCSA, MCTS, MCSE, Private Cloud Certification
    • Dell: 8 certifications for servers, storage and networking;
    • Fujitsu: 8 certifications for servers and storage;
    • VMware: Data Center Virtualisation – Professional
    • VEEAM: 6 certifications
    • ForcePoint: Certified DLP Administrator
    • Fortinet: 11 certifications
    • DataCom: Backup/Disater Recovery

    Others certifications:

    • PMP – Project Management Professionals
    • CSM – Certified Scrum Master;
    • ITIL in IT Service Management;
    • Togaf Certified Level9


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